Cookie Policy

Section 1 – What are Cookies

This site requires small data files called cookies and are sometimes placed on your devices. This is a general practice across websites.

Cookies are text files that are being downloaded and saved to your devices whenever you browse a website. This process enables your devices to remember your recent website activities such as logging into your accounts including remembering your website settings. This helps browsers tailor the data that you see on your devices.

Section 2 – How we use Cookies

Cookies are used to provide the content, product or any service that you have requested. Essential cookies help devices download the needed information enabling you to navigate around websites and enjoy the provided features. Without cookies, there will be issues around the information a user has requested from the website being accessed. An example of this is when you sign up to an account and a cookie is not enabled, you will have to re-login again every time you navigate to the next page.

Additional scenarios are listed below,

  • Remembering the preference or settings that you have set during your browser activities like advertising preference or marketing preference.
  • Any surveys you already have filled in will be asked again without cookie files
  • Remembering if you have visited the website before
  • Showing you only information that has relevance to the contents, products, or services that you have requested and received
  • Cookies will also give you access to social media platforms that we use subsequently
  • Showing only related articles relevant to the information you are looking at

Another important use of cookies is,

Analytics – This enables us to monitor customer user experience that will enable us to improve our website. Currently, we use Google to drive our analytic activities for statistical works. By enabling cookies will allow us to measure data usage, web traffic evaluation, research, and diagnostics. These activities will help us in our improvement works on our website. Refer to this LINK to know more about Google’s Cookie policy.

Marketing and Advertisements – We have partnered with different agencies so we can send out marketing campaigns to customers who have opted into this service. Third-party marketing agencies also use cookies to collect more information about your online activities so that we can provide the best experience to you when it comes to marketing ads.

Section 3 – Consent to Use Cookies

For us to start capturing cookies, the following will be a deemed consent.

  • Continuously accessing and navigating through our website, ignoring our banner alert about cookies
  • Clicking “Accept” in the banner asking you to accept our cookie terms
  • Closing the banner by clicking the “X” button

You should leave our site immediately should you not wish to use cookies.

Refer to our Privacy Policy to know more about how we protect your data.

Section 4 – Data Retention

Refer to our Privacy Policy to know more about our data retention policy.

Section 5 – Cookie Policy Change

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time when necessary. It is recommended to regularly review our Cookie Policy for your peace of mind.